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Air Gear Season 2: Release Date, Still can get a new season?

Air Gear is an action and sports anime series that met anime lovers in 2006. We know that sports anime such as Haikyuu or Star Align have an important place in Japanese anime culture. Air Gear was one of the anime that played an important role in the popularity of this genre. The manga of the series, which has close to 20 million copies in circulation, was created by a Japanese manga artist nicknamed “Oh! great”. Animated by Toei Animation, who still creates animations, the anime aired on TV Tokyo from April 4, 2006, to September 26, 2006. Licensed by Funimation, the anime also aired on Hulu TV and gained viewers worldwide. Despite a long period of time, many anime lovers still discover the anime and wonder about its second season. So could the anime still get a second season?

What is the Plotline of Air Gear?

Minami Itsuki (Ikki) is the leader of the East Side Gunz gang at Higachu High School. His nickname is Babyface. One day, he is humiliated by a gang called Storm Sader, a gang of Storm Riders who use Air Treck or AT, which is a kind of skate. He was defeated when fighting alone because they were too fast, and that’s because of Air Trecks. Ikki lives with the Noyamano family, 4 sisters named Ume Noyamano, Rika Noyamano, Mikan Noyamano and Ringo. They also hear that he lost in the fight. Therewith, Ikki gets even more ambitious. Later, when the girls go to the bathroom, a door catches his eye as he goes up to his room. Despite the no-entry warnings, he immediately goes inside, looks around, and finds a pair of Air Trecks. Inside of them, the Sleeping Forest emblem falls. He can’t understand why the Noyamano family is hiding it from him and immediately starts using it.

Although he is a novice user at first, he improved day by day. Searching for the leader of the Storm Sader gang to avenge his revenge with Air Trecks, Ikki raves a contest with the Skull Saders group while having a sweet fight with a girl named Simca on the path. He finds himself in a world that he is completely unfamiliar with and gets into trouble. Soon, however, he loves the feeling of flying and immerses himself in the world of Air Treck. He discovers his only true desire: to rule the skies.

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Will there be a second season of Air Gear?

Toei Animation or any related company with the anime has not renewed the anime for a second season. Since animes follow their mangas, they do not experience cancellations like TV dramas. Since they have a different commercial status, we may see new season approvals even after years. In this, it is important how popular the anime is and what the decision of a second season will bring to the producers. Air Gear was one of the most popular anime at the time of its release. The popularity of anime, which still has a considerable fan base, has decreased in recent years.

The anime is adapted from the manga series published by Kodansha, written and illustrated by ‘Oh! great’. The manga was published from November 6, 2002, to May 23, 2012. According to 2020 data, the manga has copies in circulation over 18m+. However, the fact that it ended its broadcasting life in 2012 shows that it does not need a new anime season to increase its sales. The manga series has been published in 37 volumes in total. In the first season of the anime, the first 12 volumes were adapted. Considering the remaining source material, we can say that there is enough story for a new season.

Although the manga provides sufficient source material, we do not think the anime will have a new season because it does not seem as popular as before, and it has been a long time even for an anime. However, we should not miss the fact that the world of anime can sometimes surprise everyone. There is enough manga source material, there may be a possibility of a new season of anime in the future. However, this is still quite unlikely. The best advice we can give fans is to read the manga. All manga volumes have been published in English by Kodansha USA, and you can learn the rest of the story from the manga.


What can be expected from the second season?

The anime’s first season consisted of the manga’s first 12 series. The final episode concludes with Itsuki using his teammates unexpectedly and going into the Trident’s hideout. As a loyal and compassionate friend, Ikki doesn’t give up on saving his friends. He races with Sora and wins with a margin of 0.89 points. After everything, Ikki finally gains a victory in his fight against Sora. At the end of the season, we watch Ikki reaching his goals, for which he shed blood, sweat, and tears. However, as a requirement of the anime world, these wars and rivalries will never end. If there is a second season, we will watch Sora and Ikki’s endless races again in different ways in the following episodes. Also, Ikki will be trained, improve, and show up as a more knowledgeable character while staying with his family. There are plenty of material and storylines that can be adapted from the manga. We will have a chance to learn more deeply about Sora and Ringo’s inner world. If the story focuses not only on the main characters but also on the affected groups of people around, it could be a very entertaining season.