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Ahiru no Sora Season 2 Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

Ahiru no Sora is a sports anime series that started airing in 2019 and remained on the screens for a long time. The anime, which is a manga adaptation, is based on a script dating from 2003 to the present day. We’ve seen the release of sports anime such as Number 24 in recent years. Ahiru no Sora is one of these beloved sports anime series. It was created by Diomedéa studio, whom we know from Domestic Girlfriend. Although the studio has a successful animation team, it is inexperienced in sports anime. Some fans want the second season of the anime to be released by another studio.  The anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and Crunchyroll. Netflix has also listed the series in some countries. Originally launched on TV Tokyo, AT-X, and BS TV Tokyo local channels on October 2, 2019, the anime aired a total of 50 episodes and made the season finale on September 30, 2020. So will the anime have a second season?

Ahiru no Sora plotline and Season 2 predictions

Sora Kurumatani is a student who is 1.49 m tall and very short for his peers. Weak and passionate, Sora Kurumatani enters Kuzuryuu High School, hoping to fulfill his mother’s request for her to win his first high school tournament. But the basketball club’s players do everything except play basketball. The members of the club are a talented center who can make strong jumps but can’t shoot baskets into the basket, and his twin, Chiaki, a talented playmaker who has already lost interest in the sport.

They also bullied and threatened Sora that he could not play basketball in this school and he should find another club. Not giving up despite all this, Sora decides to do his best to make his club members love basketball and play basketball with everyone.

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What we will see in season 2?

The anime has a slow story flow in the first season, but it always kept its excitement. It showed that the heroes have a long way to go. We had a lot of defeats in the first season, and it’s time to evolve. They saw their shortcomings in every match they played and tried to improve them. The key player seems to be Momoharu; Momoharu is a player who must be well evaluated for the team to develop. Tobi was already talented and developed and got used to team play. Sora has started to advance in playmaking, he is also improving in three-pointers, and he has to deal with dribbling. Chiaki is already a genius, and the man is doing well. Shigeyoshi will not be able to advance too much this way, and he especially needs stamina. Momoharu is key because our characters can’t play under the rim. After all, Momoharu can make neither rebound nor score. When Momoharu develops in this direction, our attack possibilities will increase. We will also watch them improve themselves in defense in the second season. We hope we will see a strong team in the second season.

Will there be a second season of the anime?

As of July 31, 2022, neither manga publisher Kodansha, Studio Diomedéa, nor Sentai Filmworks has yet to renew Ahiru no Sora for a second season. It can take years for anime to have a new season. Especially if that anime is a sports anime and has a season of 50 episodes. Although there is no official statement, it is possible to speculate whether Ahiru no Sora will have a new season when some main factors are examined. Let’s make predictions for the second season.

Manga (The source material)

As we mentioned before, Ahiru no Sora is adapted from the manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Hinata. The manga series began airing in 2003 and was published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. Good news for manga. Although the manga has completed its broadcast life, it has been published for 16 years and consists of 51 volumes in total. Unfortunately, manga does not have a publisher in the USA and only progresses with fan translations. So far, 25 volumes of the manga have been translated into English. According to the latest data, it has more than 24 million sales in circulation. This allows it to be on the bestseller lists.

If we compare anime and manga, the anime of Ahiru no Sora covers 140 chapters of the manga. For manga, which has about 600 chapters, we can say that the adaptation rate is ¼. There is pretty enough source material to see 3 new seasons of the same length. Also, those who are impatient to wait for the new season can start reading the manga from the 140th chapter.

Manga adaptation rate

Popularity and other factors

The news on the manga side was good, but unfortunately, we cannot see great success in popularity. The anime ranked 1119th on Myanimelist based on popularity. This ranking is not good but not entirely hopeless. The anime is followed by 44k people on Twitter and we cannot say that this is a very good follower number.

Animes with similar follower number
75% of anime with over 100k followers on Twitter have received a new season renewal once. On the other hand, 50% of anime with 40-100k followers have been renewed at least once.

The anime was also not successful in disc sales. When we look at the search volume on Google, we see that it can exceed the average. Despite its underrated status in Japan, a strong audience awaits the anime’s new season. Although the Ahiru no Sora anime did not achieve the hit it wanted, it might have a chance for a new season as it has a very popular manga behind it. However, this probability is not very high.

Unfortunately, the studio was not very successful in adapting. Sports anime have a different atmosphere, and not every studio is suitable for this job. Also, the studio is currently working on the Futsal Boys anime. Futsal Boys, which is not based on a manga and has an original story, is also a sports anime like Ahiru no Sora. However, there is no leak as to whether the studio is working on Ahiru no Sora yet.


When is Ahiru no Sora Season 2?

After all the evaluations, we cannot say everything is perfect, but we are not pessimistic about seeing a new season. The anime was announced on February 28, 2018, but started airing on October 2, 2019. Based on this, we can say that the production period of the anime is about 2 years. Considering the production period, we can see a new season in 2023 – 2024. Until then, we recommend you to watch Haikyuu and Air Gear, which are popular in the sports genre.