Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date, Netflix Renewed Already?

Aggretsuko, or Aggressive Retsuko, is a comedy anime series that first aired in 2016. Aggretsuko, which has a different atmosphere compared to other anime series, is an original production. This means that the anime doesn’t inspire by manga or light novels. Also, the series has not been adapted into manga. Rarecho is the director and writer of the anime series created by the Fanworks studio. The anime, licensed by Netflix, was broadcast on Netflix globally for four seasons. Aggretsuko continues to entertain the audience by telling the realities of today’s business life with satirical language. Fans are now excited for the fifth season. So has Netflix renewed the anime for the fifth season, and when will it release?

Will there be a fifth season of Aggretsuko?

The fourth season of the anime premiered on Netflix on December 16, 2021. Like all seasons, the anime’s fourth season consisted of 10 episodes. As of July 25, 2022, Netflix did not share a special renewal for the fifth season of the anime. However, in the fourth season finale of Aggretsuko, in the episode called “Rendezvous”, the fifth season was signalled, and “Retsuko will return” was written in front of a faint 5 number on the screen. Except for this visual in the season finale, no news about the fifth season of the anime has been published yet and what is known about the fifth season is limited for now. No cast information or a trailer has been shared yet for the new season of the anime.

Aggretsuko will return

Although the anime’s fourth season has a lower rating than other seasons, with a score of 7.29 on Myanimelist, this score is still above average, and fans are delighted with the season.

Anime is one of the most popular productions on Netflix, and thanks to this popularity, it has received many renewals. Although it is a Japanese production, its popularity is higher worldwide, thanks to Netflix. As of now, Aggretsuko has more viewership than the popular animated series The Dragon Prince, which is also broadcast on Netflix, and new viewers are discovering the anime every day. The anime’s official English Twitter account is followed by around 100k people, which is pretty good for an anime series.

When is the release date of the fifth season?

The most important question is, when is the release date of the fifth season of Aggretsuko? Despite many delays in the Covid 19 pandemic, Aggretsuko has managed to come to the screens with a new season every year since its first broadcast. As of July 25, 2022, at the time of writing, Fanworks, Netflix, or any anime-related company didn’t say anything about the anime’s fifth season release date. However, based on the consistency of previous seasons, Aggretsuko’s most likely release date seems to be early 2023. But remember, this is just speculation for now. Although the date of the fifth season is not certain, a new season is certain to release, and Netflix will announce the new season date in the coming months. When the official date is published, we will share it here.

About the series: Aggretsuko

We have known our main character, Retsuko, who is cute, funny, but also full of anger, for three seasons. Her method of discharging her anger is not unusual. While the red panda is a courteous accountant by day, she is a death metal karaoke singer by night. Her night world is his way of getting rid of all his disappointments during the day.


In the fourth season, In addition to the inconsistent relationship between Retsuko and Haida, we have witnessed great dangers at work. The new CEO of their company, Himuro is an overwhelming leader who only cares about numbers. He forces Ton to lay off several employees, and when Ton refuses, he is given a new role. The fate of employees in the company is now uncertain. In the anime’s fifth season, We will be watching with excitement how things will continue at Carrier Man Trading Co. Ltd. and how the relationship between Retsuko & Haida will progress.