Aggretsuko Season 4: Release date, Renewal, Plot, Trailer

Aggretsuko, reached many people from all over the world with its last season on Netflix, is a successful anime series in the field of musical comedy. The series, also known as Aggressive Retsuko in Japanese, was back to the audience with its 3rd Season, which aired on August 27, 2020. The anime, which is highly acclaimed with the last episode “When You Count to Ten”, is curious about the details of the 4th season. Fans are demanding a new season and wondering about season 4 plot. So will there be a 4th season of Aggretsuko?

What is anime: Aggretsuko about?

The red panda Retsuko, who works in the accounting department of the company she dreamed of, is 25 years old and has a low self-esteem. Her story clearly shows modern slavery while experiencing all the difficulties of being a woman in business life. Her social life is almost lost, while her sexist boss and self-interested colleagues make her life increasingly difficult. However, Retsuko has a very useful method to relieve stress in the face of all the suffocation of the modern world and business life: Death metal karaoke!



A notable production is Aggretsuko. The reason for this is that almost all of us, especially women, can describe the difficulties they face in daily life in a transparent and funny way. It makes it beautiful and interesting to be told about almost every character with a separate animal. But there is also a sub-text that needs attention: The animal forms of all the characters were created according to their personalities and their reflection in the public space. One of the most obvious examples of this is that the chauvinist, sexist boss is a pig and the open-mouthed gossip worker is told through the hippo. If you watch the rest carefully, you can easily catch them. With this aspect, it can be said that the anime’s method of reflecting in-house slavery and business life is a modern “Animal Farm” metaphor.

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In short, Aggretsuko is a critical Animal Farm parody that depicts internal slavery, sexism, and the stress of modern life through animals. The anime has 30 episodes released so far and an above average score of 8 on IMDb. If there are still those who do not watch, we recommend it.


Will there be 4th season of Aggretsuko?

There’s no confirmation from Netflix for the next season of the series yet, but there’s no bad news at the moment as well. The 3rd season of the series has just finished and its sustainability and rating revenues will be evaluated and a renewal process in the upcoming period. We can make some guesses. Normally, the materials of the anime are manga to which they are adapted. However, the situation is a little different for this series. The story is being prepared directly for the anime.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to know whether Rarecho, who is a writer, is ready for a new season. When we look at the popularity of the series, we are sure that we will see a new season. The series had received confirmations for the new seasons within a few months of being released. It would be nice to see a new season confirmation in a few months.


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When will Aggretsuko season 4 air?

When we look at the airing dates of the previous season, we see that he generally prefers the second half of the year. We think that it will take at least a year to prepare a new season with the effect of the corona pandemic this year. The 4th season of the series will meet with the audience like August 2021.

SeasonAiring date
1April 20, 2018
2June 14, 2019
3August 27, 2020
4August, 2021 (Expected)

Is there a trailer for the new season?

There is no confirmation of the new season of the series yet, and therefore no promotional film has been released. Maybe we can see a sneak peak when the series is approved for the new season, but we don’t think much. This is because the series has released trailers very close to the premier times in previous seasons. It does not seem possible to see the new season trailer before the estimated June 2021.

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