When will Age of Empires 4 come out? – Gameplay

One of the first games that comes to mind when talking about strategy games is Age of Empires. The game, which has not lost its popularity for years and still maintains its audience as online on Steam and other platforms, has managed to make its players happy with its remastered versions in recent years.

The popular game series is now getting ready to face its players with its new game Age of Empires 4. So when will Relic Entertainment‘s new game be released?

Although the last main game of the series, Age of Empires 3, could not meet the expectations, the second game and definitive edition version of the series is still played with great interest. In Age of Empires 1, which was released in 1997, the first game of the series, we saw a story that started from the Stone Age and continued until the Iron Age. And the last game of the series, which allows us to witness the ages when firearms began to become widespread, was released in 2005. 12 years after the last game, a new game was announced. As the fans got excited with the new game announced, questions about the game started to come to mind.

How will the game be?

The game’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, says in an interview that they prepare very different things about the campaign for the game and bring the history to people in an exciting and entertaining way. Adam Isgreen, who emphasizes that they will modernize the game, states that they stay away from complicated elements.

Another important detail about the game is that the music of the game is the same composer as Witcher 3’s composer. This news will excite those who have played Witcher 3 and those who will understand what kind of music quality we are talking about. Even the music that will play in the game can take the game to another level.

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Age of Empires 4 Gameplay Trailer

Age of Empires 4 – Official Gameplay Trailer on YouTube

When we look at the trailer of the game published in 2017, we see the armies in the old games. In fact, can be said that the explanation made by Isgreen is a little confused. There are two possibilities here; either a new era will come to the game and we will be able to see technological developments or they keep the story of the game short and we have to buy new stories with the support of DLC. Option 2 seems to be inevitable, but we hope that it is not too exaggerated.

When we examine the trailer of the game, we cannot ignore the following innovative details.

  • Military units can patrol on top the walls
  • Custom new roads
  • More decoration structures (e.g. fountains)
  • More types of farms (e.g., corn farm)
  • 3D Camera and next generation graphics
  • Troops rallying other troops

When will Age of Empires 4 be released?

The fact that the music of the game is also made may indicate that we are close to the exit. Although the studio or Microsoft has not yet released an official date for the game’s release date, the estimates show the first quarter of 2021 to releasing of the Age of Empires 4. We think that due to the pandemic, this date may go a little further and the game will be released around in May – June 2021. We will update when we receive more formal information about this issue or leak.

Show the countdown timer to see how long is left

Age of Empires 4 will be released after

On which platforms will the game be?

The game is specially developed for PC, unfortunately we will not be able to see the game on PS4, PS5 or on other platforms, we do not know if there will be a surprise in the future.

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