7SEEDS third season

7 Seeds Season 3 Release Date, Netflix Cancelled the Anime?

7 Seeds is an anime series released on Netflix in 2019 in the sci-fi and survival genre. The anime series is based on a long-running manga written by Yumi Tamura. Anime, which is an ONA series, was created by Gonzo Studio, which has been in this industry since the early 2000s. In June 2019, Gonzo studio transferred some of its properties to Studio Kai. This studio prepared the second season of the series, and news from Studio Kai is expected for the third season. The latest season of the anime, an original Netflix production, was broadcast on March 26, 2020. Now the fans are curious; Has Netflix or Studio Kai renewed the anime for a third season?

What is the plotline of 7 Seeds?

In the near future, a giant meteorite collided with the earth. All living organisms, including humans, were wiped out from the planet. Anticipating this outcome, the government took measures against the worst-case scenario. Specifically, it was “Project 7SEEDS”, where five sets of seven young men and women were carefully selected and placed in teams (Spring, Summer A, Summer B, Autumn, and Winter). Each participant was then put into cryogenic sleep in the hope of preserving humanity’s continued existence.

7 seeds characters

When these men and women woke up, they suddenly thrust themselves into a brutal world. They tried to find ways to survive while being loved forever and grieving for their loss. 7 Seeds tells the story of a group of young people who find themselves at the end of the world when they wake up. Shy Natsu and the others embark on a fierce struggle to find a way to survive in a changing world.

Will there be a season 3 of 7 Seeds?

As of July 28, 2022, at the time of writing, neither Netflix nor Studio Kai has yet to renew the series for season 3 yet. However, there is no need to worry as animes take a long time to renew and there is no cancellation. We are monitoring the news for you. When the confirmation arrives, we will share it with you, but since there is no official announcement so far, we will speculate about the third season under some key factors. There are some main criteria for anime to get a new season approval. These are the manga they use as source material and the popularity.

Manga status of the anime

7 Seeds is the anime adaptation of Japanese manga written by Yumi Tamura, as we mentioned earlier. The manga began airing on Bessatsu Shōjo Comic in 2001. Short broadcasting life for 1 year then continued for years at Flowers. Published for 16 years in total, the manga consists of 35 volumes in total. The story is currently complete, and the manga is not ongoing since the publishing of the final volume on May 27, 2017.

On the other hand, the anime quickly consumed the manga chapters in the first season and covered 16 volumes. Fortunately, in the second season, the story got deeper, and only 4 volumes were used. In total, the anime covers 20 volumes of its manga. There are 15 volumes left. So, in summary, we can say that the series has enough source material for at least one or two seasons. It’s about how fast the story will progress in the possible third season. Nevertheless, the good news is that there is no obstacle to shooting a new season in terms of source material availability.

Manga adaptation rate

Popularity and other factors

Since animes are for-profit productions, source material availability alone is not enough. Financial reasons are at the forefront of the anime’s new season decisions. Disc sales are also very valuable in new season decisions. However, 7 SEEDS ‘disc sales were not made. Netflix has acquired the series’s streaming rights, and the upcoming new season confirmation is directly linked to how long Netflix users watch the anime. Although the series was broadcast on the Netflix platform and received the second season’s approval, it is still not famous worldwide. The absence of Crunchyroll distributorship may also affect this because anime enthusiasts do not usually adopt Netflix as a platform. However, different viewer profiles found the opportunity to follow the anime closely.

The anime’s official Twitter account is followed by only 8k people, showing that the anime is underrated in Japan. There has also been a 10% loss of followers in the last one year. To see the worldwide popularity of the series, when we look at its popularity in Google searches, we see that it has a below-average search volume compared to popular series. It is very difficult for an anime to get a new season approval in this popularity. However, the income thanks to the Netflix license and the fact that it was able to get a new season approval before, keep the new season possibilities alive, but to be honest, it is still unlikely.


When is the release date of 7 Seeds?

We speculated above for a new season of 7 Seeds and stated the possibility of a new season. Although there is not a long time between the first two seasons, sometimes the renewal decisions can take a long time. There have been no leaks about a new season of the anime in 2022. We hope that in 2023. If we see a renewal in 2022-2023, it may be possible to see a new season in 2023-2024. We will update this part of our article as official updates come. But remember that the probability of a new season is very low and 7 Seeds season 3 may never come. Till then we can recommend you to watch Dr. Stone or Steins; Gate 0 in the sci-fi genre.